Geotechnics – November 2013

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  • Mandy Dennis  ELQF  ELQF update  
  • Dr. Matt Hooper  Soiltechnics  Geotechnical issues in and around Northamptonshire  
  • Steve Bullock  EPS Ltd  Geotechnical testing and interpretation  
  • David Shohet  NHBC  Ground improvement techniques  
  • Dr. Derek Egan  Keller Ltd  Piling techniques and implications for use on contaminated land  &  Land afeected by contamination guidance notes.
  • Peter Atchison  PAGeotechnical Ltd  Guidance on VOCs, investigation, solutions and Radon verification  
  • Neil Salvidge  PAGeotechnical Ltd  The practical installation of gas membranes  

Kettering, 12 November 2013

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