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Our next webinar will be presented by Leap Environmental on Development and application of Carbon Reduction Design Tools for brownfield remediation and foundation selection.

Meeting the 2050 net zero carbon target requires all sectors of civil engineering to include the reduction of carbon emissions within their designs. The presentation will detail the development and early achievements of two Carbon Reduction Design Tools  – CReDiT Foundation and CReDiT remediation.  These carbon tools were developed through collaboration between LEAP Environmental and the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Surrey.

CReDiT Foundation compares the equivalent carbon for strip or pile foundations for residential developments.   CReDiT remediation determines the equivalent carbon from the complex processes involved in remediation, e.g., excavation of soil, use of raw materials, transport of material and the waste, recycling and reuse of materials.  The calculations are based on site-specific data, most of which is available or can be gathered as part of a Phase II site investigation. The application of the tools for two projects will be presented and the equivalent carbon for different foundation and remediation options compared.  The use of CReDiT has led to a rethink of remediation and foundation design, where waste materials are re-evaluated as a resource, material reuse options are considered and carbon reduction leads the design process. 

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Webinars kindly hosted by the Scottish Contaminated Land Forum

ELQF Meeting/seminar (in person!)
Topic – Closed landfills, waste and redevelopment
9th March, 2023, Ipswich
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Future webinars

If you are willing to provide a ~30 – 45 minute presentation on land quality to our members, please let us know.  Suggestions for topics include (but are not limited to) regulator views, ground gas assessment, asbestos risks in ground investigation, permitting, or interesting case studies.

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    Future Sponsorship

    In normal circumstances (hopefully 2022), ELQF try to organise 2 to 3 meetings/seminars a year.  The events are free to all and we do not charge joining or membership fees relying on the goodwill and generosity of our members to offer their time to provide interesting and relevant presentations.

    However, there are costs associated with venue hire and catering and for this reason we look to cover our costs for each event through sponsorship.  Sponsorship costs are therefore largely dependent on the venue but as a guide, the typical sponsorship costs for each meeting are about £1,500.

    If you would be interested in sponsoring a future event (either fully or partially) please contact